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Are you trying to decide where to start as an aspiring UX Designer?

‘Awesome, we can’t wait teach you applicable UX skills in our tech talk series. 

A few quotes from Robert Mion to get your wheels turning:

“Designers are often thought of as ’the ones with all the ideas’. To the contrary: a designer is someone who gives form to an idea. The hardest part is often deciding what idea is worth giving form to.”

Tech Talk take aways:

1. A Day and the life of a UX Architect including how Robert got started in the field.

2. Tips + Tricks

3. Tools

4. Sample Projects

5. What does it look like to take a sneak peek at the experience of a UX course like this?


How to break into UX Design (2).png

Brought to you by Tech Talent South and Robert Mion, TTS Instructor + UX Designer.